About us

🎒Great software tells great stories.

We've decided that building an agency that builds apps for our clients and for improving our client experience - has created a tight feedback loop that makes our customer ideas and our own ideas, much more innovative. It tells a great story, it makes the process fun and worthwhile.

Who we are

Our guiding principles


People over everything.

Our people will be our future stories, our life. Customers first, then we help ourselves second.

Remote work

Do great work, anywhere.

Great work exists in no one time or one place. We use the internet to build a company that sets no bounds on when or where great work happens.

Craft master

Automate boring work.

Don't do the same things over and over again. Automate all of the repetitive work and spend love care on the things that can't be.


Use your own product.

Build products that you use and improve before giving them to the world. The best ideas come from within.

Craft master

Be a master of your craft.

Doing great work is a landmark of who you are. The only way to create extraordinary products requires extraordinary people.